Trip to So Cal 09/10/11

A couple of weeks ago, some friends are I decided to go to L.A. (which was my very first time since I was a child at Disney Land) to visit our good friend, Rathany. We had planned on going to celebrate her birthday with her, but the dates/schedule didn’t work out. It was pretty hilarious that we had started drinking from 10am and just kept going on the entire day. We went to Venice beach, which was really nice and fun. The water was especially salty and we even encountered a stingray! That was horrifying. It was hilarious how quickly Nancy took off, running out the water when she saw it. Rathany on the other hand thought it was just pants :/ haha. We also went shopping at a mall in Santa Monica which was so huge we barely even got through half the mall. Which was probably a good thing, because I do have a tendency to just SWIPE. That night we ended up drinking some more and planning cards. We didn’t get to go out, but I had fun nonetheless drinking shots, wine and having random, drunken conversations. On the next and last day, we went to the Griffith Observatory. We had planned on hiking all the way up there, but were way too exhausted and didn’t have enough time. It was a very beautiful and interesting place. There was an amazing view of LA and we even saw the Hollywood sign which was pretty cool. There was a nice breeze and the weather was wonderful. Afterwards we went to get some fro-yo then said our goodbyes. It was a very quick and fun weekend and  I hope to go back and do it all again, but even crazier! Thanks to Rathany, Tina, Sody & Soreya for letting us stay over and to Erica & Bryan for getting us there!

More photos can be found here.


I’m back… again

Not that I have been anywhere. It’s really been a goal for my to re-start up this blog this year. And so far, I continue to fail. Ha! Sometimes I wonder why it is that I keep this blog. Yeah I enjoy sharing pictures and posting music and such. But honestly, I do that all on Facebook. However, I feel that here I can post WHATEVER I want and I don’t give a shit if people don’t “like” it or not.  Also, I have this blog so I can look back and see what it is that I’ve done and hope that I continue to grow. My mission is to conquer the world! Well, something like that. But I’d like to share my experiences with all of you who support me.

P.S. Although I may not have been posting here,  I have been posting at my tumblr. If you’d like to check that out, you can do so here. I plan on balancing both this blog and the tumblr.

Sophan 23rd Birthday

For my friend Phan’s birthday, we went to have dinner at BJs followed by a bonfire. I must say, most random Monday night in a while. I had lots of fun watching people be drunk assholes but also catching up with old friends. Here are some photos and videos.

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I received a text from my boy Sok  asking if I wanted to have a chill kickback. I’m always down for chill, especially if it includes foods, drinks and karaoke. That’s exactly what we did, haha. Big fun!

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It’s an emergency

Artist: Tank
Song: “Emergency”
Album: Now Or Never

One of my favorite songs from Tank’s new album.

Party Like It’s 2011!

Because it is! Happy new years, everyone. I am excited just to have finished 2010. Although the year felt long in 2010, towards December it seemed like the entire year just flew by. My major goals for this year is to do more and talk less. And definitely NO EXCUSES! It’s the only reason we fail at anything. Also, I really enjoyed myself at Nangs and Holly’s. They’re always really into hosting and I really appreciate the time, effort and money they put into us having a good time. It’s also nice to get to see friends and family I don’t see often. Cheers! To a new year!

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Dirty Money on Chelsea Lately

This interview aired last week, but I had to post it because it was so fuckin hilarious.

Christmas 2010

I had a great Christmas this year. As usual, I spent time with family and friends. We exchanged gifts, sang karaoke and had drinks. I always enjoy getting everyone together and doing simple things. Oh yeah, and our dress code was pajamas! We wanted to do sleepers, but not everyone could find (or fit) one, plus we figured it would be most comfortable. Everyone also seemed very pleased with the gifts they received. I know I was 😉 Below are some of the photos we took.

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A very silly video

I made with my family to send to my friends and family. It’s still very hilarious.

So, my brother and his fiance Sabrina got married the other day. It wasn’t like a wedding-wedding, but it was still nice. Glad I got to meet Sabrina’s family. They all seem really nice and I hope we get to see them more often now that we’re family. Here are some photos.

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