As I start up this blog site, I decided to do a little introduction to explain who I am and what it is I do.

First off, my name is Johnny Chin. I’m a 20 year old who recently graduated high school, working at a local pizza parlor. Exciting, right? As of now, I plan to continue my journey we call life by attending college starting this summer. My goals and aspirations are to enhance my skills in web design, photography, graphic design and journalism. Besides those four things, music has to be the biggest passion in my life. Although my musical tastes vary from R&B/soul to indie rock to hip hop to alternative, I can never get tired of 90’s R&B. When I say 90’s, I’m referring to Boys 2 Men, Blackstreet, Mary J. Blige NOT the early 90’s act such as Bobby Brown and others.

With this site, I plan to post anything and everything which hate I love and love to hate. Ranging from a new music video released to a memory revisited to my photography to the hottest sneakers I’ve seen.

The reason behind this blog site’s title ‘Soul Explicit’ is not based on any type of perversion. Well, not really. A soul is something everyone has and I am very in depth with my mine. Which leads to the term ‘explicit,’ which means specific–vivid and very clear. Many people often tell me I am straight-forward and honest, which is true but not always a good look ha! It’s also a partial play on words So(ul) Explicit, when you don’t pronounce the ul in soul. There’s the reasoning behind the name to clear up any misunderstandings or curiosity.

I appreciate all visitors, lovers or haters, and hopefully this site will be worth your time.


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