This weekend, I was fortunate enough to get Friday and Saturday off work. I had originally planned to attend a birthday celebration on Friday night and see the Oakland-bred rap artists, Zion-I Saturday evening.

There had been little talk of Too Short coming to Stockton’s own Da Candy Shop, an 18 and under chaperoned night club. (Friday nights apparently are 18+.) There was no confirmation nor denial as to whether the appearance was legit or not. Nonetheless, I was to attend the show tonight with my friend, Phalary, as she would write a review for the show for 209Vibe (a local entertainment magazine/website/street team which we are both apart of). This morning, I get a text saying “Don’t go. If they can pull this off w/o issue, we’ll hit the next show.” This notice was very understandable. My town being Stockton and the venue being downtown, it can (and is often expected) to get quite rowdy and violent. Honestly, I’m not too disappointed I missed out on seeing Too Short, though I am curious as to how the show turned out. Local acts also performed.

So tonight, I was able to attend the birthday party. Awkward much? I’ll expand later.

Tomorrow (actually today, seeing how it’s already 6:33 AM) I planned to see Zion-I in Sacramento. Tickets were only available in Sacto’s record stores and it was too hectic and I procrastinated too much to where I lost interest. I also learned my cousin’s birthday is tomorrow, so I will be in the bay celebrating… and hunting for some new kicks, I won’t front. Haha.

That’s what’s to come of my weekend. Much more content coming soon!


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