Last month, hip hop duo, Little Brother, arrived in Sacramento’s Colonial Theatre and tore the stage up…

In much anticipation for my first ‘real’ hip hop show, my friends and I grew slightly impaitent in line as the wind quickly picked up.

‘Hip hop shows never start on time,’ my friend says. Despite my impaitience and the cold weather, I know a Little Brother show would be well worth my fifteen dollars and a little wait.

After a long wait, fans are let in and are excited to see Little Brother. To much surprise, there were about 6-8 opening acts. Any excitement and energy in me was long gone while watching the openers. After standing directly in front of the stage for hours watching various mediocore local acts, I grew bored and unenthusiastic.

Finally, it was the time for the moment we had all been waiting for. Little Brother was here to give a spectacular show–and that was exactly what they did.

Performing songs new and old, Little Brother along with singer D-Brock graced the stage performing songs from the ‘Minstrel Show’ to their current record ‘Get Back.’ D-Brock’s appearance brought even more soul to the show. Phonte, Big Pooh and D-Brock all had much positive energy. All three were dancing throughout the performance and there was much crowd interaction.

A major problem during the show was the mic malfunctions, causing the group to constantly swap mics. At times, one mic would not recieve feedback from the speakers while another mic would be ridiculously loud. The malfunction, however, did not take away from the show. Little Brother brought so much energy to the stage that sound issues simply did not matter.

By the end of the night, the group explained how the show started in peace and would end that way. It was obvious through the diverse audience that good music brings unity and good times.


– Little Brother and D-Brock were kind enough to sign autographs, even while performing their songs.

– Phonte cracked jokes about the non-cooperative mics and sang a little of John Legend’s ‘Save Room’.

– Big Pooh stayed to talked to fans and also took photos as well as signed autographs.

*All of that and more in photos and the video below.


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