This afternoon, my boy D. and I stop in Rasputin to check out some CDs. Both of us have rather “old school” tastes when it comes to music. (At this moment) When I say old school, I am referring to the 90’s. I was on a mission to find Aaliyah‘s ‘One in A Million’ album. Since it’s release in 1996, I have purchased that album at the least four times. Either I lose the CD, broke the disc or simply lent the album and it was never returned. SOMEHOW, I’d always lose the CD.

After scrummaging through rows and rows of CD, I make my way to the used soul section in the back. BAM! One copy of ‘One In A Million’ left. There were plenty copies of ‘Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number’ but that is my least favorite Aaliyah record. While in the store, I picked up at least 5 other albums. Due to my shopping habits, I do an elimination before I head to checkout. (Yeah, snip snip–elimination time, bitches like Andy Dick.) The only other CD I left the store with was Ginuwine’s100% Ginuwine,’ which is another classic album that also follows my theory of almost every 90’s R&B artists’ best album is their second. (More on that later, though.) I left the store with both CDs for under $20. Although I had to put many CDs down, I definitely got my money’s worth.

As for D, he left with twice as many CDs as I, if not more. He complained that I made him spend his gas money. I don’t make anyone do anything and laughed it off, realizing I’d have to listen to his shit every time I’m in his car.


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  1. Steph says:

    really enjoyed reading your piece. Funny you mention that you always lose Aaliyah’s “one in a million” either by breaking it accidentally or lending it to someone who hasn’t returned it. I’ll admit I’m one of those ppl who was lent the CD and to this day has not returned it to it real owner. I bet he’s wishing he hadn’t lent it out cause I love this album as its one of my all time fav’s (*which by the way has been downloaded onto my new nano*LOL*).
    POINT BLANK- I cherish the CD and would never trade it for any other album out there


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