Earlier this week, some of my family and I decided to try a new seafood restaurant in town called The Crab Zone. Basically, I don’t eat red meat or chicken and most of my family enjoy seafood so it would inevitable that we would try it. Plus, we’re fat asses.

The Crab Zone’s specialties were crayfish, crab (of course), clams and cajun shrimp. So we get the crawfish, clam and shrimp. I told you we were fat asses. The seafood (minus the clams) came prepared mild, medium, hot or lava. My family is very fond of spicy foods. When most consider spicy, we may not. I asked the waitress how ‘spicy’ lava was. She told me that because I was getting cajun shrimp, it’s already spicy. I wanted lava, so it would be extremely spicy. “To who’s standards..of spicy,” I’m thinking. I get the lava cajun shrimp anyway haha.

DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYUUUM that shit was spicy, but I LOVED it. Along with my allergies, the lava cajun shrimp had my nose running, eyes watering–all that. I enjoy that though. Being …. Cambodian, we also eat much crawfish, so we enjoyed that as well. The garlic & butter clams were pretty good. My sister ordered shrimp & chips with some spicy curly fries. The fries were pretty amazing and the shrimp was…well, it was fried shrimp. We ended up dipping the fried shrimp and curly fries in the cajun lava shrimp water.

Although the prices were slightly high (although seafood is always expensive,) I would definitely recommend The Crab Zone to spicy seafood eaters. I also see myself, and my family, returning to the restaurant. Employees were friendly, it was a calm atmosphere and for seafood, the prices were pretty reasonable.

WARNING: Later that evening, my stomach was irritated and the toilet became my best friend. No vomiting though, just some major diarrhea. Nothing unusual about that when eating spicy food though.


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