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I must admit that I’m pretty much addicted to these. I could care less what the fuck they are called, but I love this shit. I kinda hate candy—really not into sweets, but MAN!

They’re a round wafter filled with milk cream (haha that sounds gross) with an almond in the middle and covered with coconut shavings. It’s so crazy the amount I can, have and will eat. I’ve notice that it’s become a habit that I buy a replacement/backup box before my current box runs out. It’s ridiculous! Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I head towards that candy isle and pay damn near $4 for this shit. I think it’s love. This could possibly be the only thing to stop me from smoking. But I’d never allow myself to consume that much fucking sugar. Y’all know I stay reading the nutritional facts (190 calories/130 fat calories, serving size = 3 pieces.) Yeah right, 3 pieces my ass haha.

Oh yeah, and best thing about it. NO CHOCOLATE!


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  1. oukie says:

    damn that shit ISSS addicting! i love ’em! haha

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