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Just the other day, I asked my co-workers if any one was aware of the Sean Bell case and how the verdict came out to be. Everyone looked at me confused and ONE person knew what I was talking about. One co-worker said to me, “I don’t pay attention to gossip.”

“This ain’t no gossip! And you call yourself a black man” I replied, jokingly. I don’t think he took offense to that, but I think everyone should recognize the name Sean Bell if you’re living in this century, regardless of what race you may be. “I know that Wesley Snipes got three years tho–”
“For not paying his taxes. THAT is gossip.” I responded.

I was disappointed that people were completely ignorant about the this situation. I mean, the man has passed for some time now. Shot 50 times! Honestly, what person survives that many bullets? How was he being a threat to anyone? The worse part is that this man was murdered by three cops, who are “not guilty”. This is some unjust bullshit. I’ll shut the hell up and you can hear what Talib Kweli, Nas and Mos Def had to say about the situation on 106 & Park earlier this week at Nah Right.


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