Today at work, I had the iPod on shuffle. Or some random ass playlist. Aaliyah‘s cover of Marvin Gaye’sGot To Give It Up‘ came on. WHATTT?! I was feelin’ myself “hella much” as my boy Cam would say. I must’ve looked insane—rolling dough and dancing (although that’s pretty much an everyday thing). Slick Rick‘s verse adds the perfect touch with his wild ass lines. I even remember his verses from when it was released back in 1996. I especially enjoy when he sings “LOVE that line ‘You’re a positive motivating force within my life…” way too high pitched. CLASSIC. I love pretty much every track off the ‘One In A Million‘ album though.

“Yo, back off shorty.
Would you slow the hell down?!
Back—yo back off shorty!
Like everyone was chasin my fine ass (HAHA FINANCE?? Naww)
but when Aaliyah walked in, da whole place went bananas!…
Not to mention smelt good, looked dope
I brought me a bottle so I wouldn’t look broke”

Haha yeaaah. That’s my shit.

LISTEN to Aaliyah ft. Slick Rick – Got To Give It Up


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