If you are at this site, you should ALREADY know how much I admire(d) Aaliyah. She was beautiful in and out. Besides Mary J., she was the earlier and better, if not best, female singer to blend R&B with hip hop. I must admit, Aaliyah was not the best live singer, but she always put on a great show. Her choreography was always sick. If you aren’t convince Aaliyah is a true SINGER, check out/revisit her songs ‘At Your Best,’ ‘The One I Gave My Heart To‘, ‘Never Givin’ Up’, ‘Turn The Page‘, ‘Journey To The Past‘, ‘I Refuse’,Never No More’. I do feel it’s necessary to state that Aaliyah has singing abilities. Her style is very versatile and although she sings lightly, she switches up her tone often and smoothly. Basically, I don’t wanna hear Aaliyah’s music compared to Cassie or Ciara.

Aaliyah often described herself and style “street but sweet.” We can all agree on that. I respect all that she brought to the music industry and to her fans. Although I never met Aaliyah, she seemed real down-to-earth, even with all of her success, just a genuine, real person. I felt that at around the time of her death, Aaliyah would’ve blown up (think a non-saturated Beyonce). She had so much potential and from watching her ‘Diary’ on MTV, I know she lived her life to her fullest and showed her appreciation to her family daily. All I can add to that is RESPECT. This is why Aaliyah is still remembered today.

Oh and back to the magazine, Aaliyah is on the cover TWICE for Fader‘s annual Icon issue. Many people are interviewed about Aaliyah’s influence. Strange thing… NO WHERE have I read reported when the issue would be released. I haven’t seen it in stores and there is no info whatsoever on The Fader’s website.

MWZA.com and EVERY OTHER WEBSITE has more info. Because I was slacking on the updates, I’m a little behind. Yes, in the internet world, if you didn’t notice a new track/article/change in anything within 24 hours you are indeed—LATE. I could give a fuck though.


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