I chose Karina Pasian‘s ‘16 At War‘ as the SOTD, because I felt she had important things to say. Karina has been signed to Def Jam for quite some time now, and her music video was released earlier this month. In the music industry today, younger artists are forced into singing immature “age-appropriate” songs, or bust a Chris Brown and sing about ‘Take U Down‘, when his record company is well aware his audience is built up of kids like my 12 year old niece who loves his skinny-non-singing ass. Homie was doing the grind-time ALL wrong in the video. Maybe he needs to switch Ri-Ri for Ciara, to show him some real grown dancing. HA! Let me  stop drifting because I am glad that we still have  young singers like Karina and Tiffany Evans who are worthy of some spotlight. I’m tired of hearing those non-singing-ass-dancers all over the radio.


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  1. antoinette says:

    lol. u are sooo right. but i love this song and im 18 turning 19. yes this is my jam,

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