Aiiight from when I first started this blog site, I was unsure whether I’d write about my daily happenings, or just post on music, books, clothing and shit I like. I KNEW that i couldn’t just post a song/video/shoe without an opinion. That just ain’t me. People told me they came to my site, but was unsure if it was me yet once they read the writing they knew immediately. I like that type of response. So, I’ve decided if I want I will post shit about my daily life, but most likely I will post old and new music I enjoy and my photography and all that good-good.

I’ve been going out a lot lately. Not really, but compared to the past, I’ve been going out often. There has been a lot of drinking. Good times… AND bad times. Last week, me and my people wanted to go to the club but were DENIED because myself along with three others didn’t have dress shoes. FUCK THAT! I’ve been to that same club on the same night with some Vans on, and I was let it. Anyway, tomorrow we WILL make it INTO the club and have us a good time. Haha, I hate when people talk like that. No, I don’t. I just hate when people write it. I feel illiterate reading that. It’s almost as bad as double negatives. Which I do! All the time! I’m blabbing.

Also, I’ve decided I MUST change this layout. I fucking hate it. Because I haven’t bought my own domain or paid for upgrades, I am not able to completely customize my own layout. I can make a custom header image and that is all! I can’t change the color or size of the font (for the people who have been COMPLAINING.) I also make sure that the layout of the blog looks decent on my phone. I want people to be able to access the blog through their mobile devices. So, I will be changing the layout and header image SOON. Probably by the end of this week or perhaps beginning of next week.

I don’t know if you know, Y’ALL KNOW, but I watch ‘The Hills’ on MTV often. Why? Because although people think the show is scripted, they all go through shit we go through. Which to me, is pretty realistic. It’s not like on The Real World where there are strippers and coke addicts and shit. I know that all exists, but that’s not common everyday people. College, interning and relationships is something people I am around can relate to more. My point is the season just ended Monday right, which means I have nothing to look forward to Monday nights (until August that is!) Yep, I got that shit locked doooown haha. Anyway, I’ll probably write a post on the finale/season and my thoughts about it.

Enough foolishness (with me? Yeahhh right!) Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail regarding my taxes. I was like YESSS I’m gettin ma monaaay! NOT EXACTLY. The IRS is claiming I did NOT pay my taxes. I’m thinkin WTF I KNOW I did. So, I log into my Washington Mutual account to check my statement. I paid two fees. One of them was NOT paying the state. So, it is true that I must pay the state $71 plus a $3 late fee. Fucking great. While we’re on the subject of procrastination and fucking up, I still have yet returned my letter to Adult School to tell them I will attend my graduation and all the questions they ask. I must do that tomorrow after work, before I head out to Sacramento. I’ve blabbed much too long and I’ve got to be at work in less than 8 hours. Therefore, I will take my non-sleeping as to bed. See y’all tomorrow.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions for Song of the Day. I haven’t gotten a change to post yours up, because I’m always finding new songs or stuck on an old one. Also, y’all need to leave me more comments. I wanna know who’s checking out the site. Views are jumping up and down! Alright, goodnight, ch’all.


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