When Pharrell released his first album, ‘In My Mind,’ I though “the fuck is this?!” like most people did after hearing it for the first time. Pharrell, alongside Chad Hugo as the Neptunes, is an amazing producer, is sick with hooks and is multi-talented…ish. As the news of a solo effort from Skateboard P. spread, many music fans were filled with excitement, but later was disappointed with the final product. Personally, the album GREW on me and I started to really dig the album. Pharrell himself was quite dissatisfied with the album, and Questlove, drummer of the Roots, along with James Poyser re-did the album and added much soul to the record. The  redone effort was appropriately titled ‘Out of My Mind‘ by Pharrell & the Yessirs. ‘Best Friends’ was always one of my favorite tracks, simply because I just felt it. True friendship is rare, but real. Also, very few people can tell you something and actually make you listen. Peep the video above to hear the audio of the remixed ‘Best Friend’.


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