I know exactly what you thinking. ‘Plies is whack as hell!’ Agreed, but Trey Songz has got to be my favorite R&B act out right now. Songz is often called to do hooks whether it’s a love song, some hood shit or some dirty & horny ass song. And he does it well in each of those types of songs. To be completely honest though, I’m not feelin’ this track too much. Catchy maybe, but “watch me pull ma pants UP, watch me do ma dance YUP”?… For real though? No hate, but this isn’t gonna end up on my iTunes most played playlist. It’s funny how Trey Songz is tryna look hard in the video, but is skinny as hell. This video is pretty much pointless and I felt like 4 minutes of my day was stolen. I also noticed that Plies and Trey have collaborated at least three times on the ‘Shawty Remix,’ ‘Bust It Baby Pt. 1‘ along with this track. I’m tired of Plies and I am waiting for Trey to release a new single, hopefully ‘Missing You‘ or ‘Role Play.’


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