I figured since I have Song Of The Day pretty often, I’ll make my own graphics. It’s been years since I’ve done any real graphic design, so I’ll need the practice.

In high school, I didn’t have cable and was listening to mostly alternative, indie rock and 90’s R&B. I was not interested in new acts whatsoever. Hip hop and R&B was disappointing during this time, so I just gave up for a bit. It wasn’t til late 2006 when I truly paid attention to Trey Songz. I bought (yup purchased, you know that is rare) his debut album, ‘Gotta Make It’ and loved nearly every track on the album. A dude being so young, hungry, talented but also relevant was not something I was use to. He was hood, yet emotional. This is what makes Trey Songz #1 on my (male) R&B list right now.

To listen to Trey Songz’s ‘Kinda Lovin’ click HERE.


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