Last night I saw the film, ‘The Pursuit Of Happiness’ for the first time. I’m aware Will Smith is a great actor and it was interesting to see his real son play his son in a movie, especially in such an emotional role. I’ve been hearing great things about the film since it first debuted in theaters a while back.

The film captured the emotion in the characters which made the roles very believable. My only problem was that at the end of the movie, I found myself wanting more. I felt like “that’s it…?” Things also seemed to move quite quickly. First he didn’t have rent, then he had to move to a hotel, then he’s homeless, now he’s gonna be rich! The details moved as swift as I had just explained them. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good movie. Perhaps all the hype had me with high expectations.



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  1. big boss says:

    The most beautiful movie I ever seen these years..
    Thank you Will Smith

  2. fahmida says:

    the movie is nice and just like the one saying that it finished very quickly…I also feel that the finishing part of the movie could take a little more time. I’m surprised enough knowing that the cute boy acted as will Smith’s son in the movie is his real son!!
    anyways…I enjoyed the movie very much and it made me to cry also!!!

  3. dinesh says:

    no words to say ….hats off …………….as human don miss to watch it ….

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