I finally managed to pick up this months issue of The Fader‘s Annual Icon Issue featuring Aaliyah a couple of weeks back. Everyone should know by now how much of an Aaliyah fan I am, so I was excited to see Aaliyah on the cover of a magazine 7 years after her death.

In the photo above, Aaliyah was in a photo shoot with soon-to-be best friend Kiddada Jones, model and daughter of Quincey Jones. Many more photos of the two on the Tommy Hilfiger shoot are displayed in the issue of The Fader.

Many artists, DJs and other discuss such as Missy Elliot, then-boyfriend Damon Dash, Timbaland, Cassie, Ciara, uncle/manager Barry Hankerson, Method Man, her choreographer Fatima Robinson, Kid Sister, Mark Ronson, makeup artist Eric Ferrell, Tank and even Andrew W.K. discuss memories with Aaliyah or the impact and influence Aaliyah had on their life.

This issue was definitely a good read (those who aren’t into reading, there are also many beautiful pictures haha!) This had been my first time reading The Fader magazine (which I was told by an employee at Barnes & Noble is a DJing magazine) and it is quite an extraordinary magazine. If you are too lazy and/or broke to pick up your own copy, you can download the .PDF file from the Fader’s website here.


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