This evening I attended my nieces promotion to high school. It’s strange to watch my nieces grow up so quickly. I’m use to them being my annoying lil family members who do me favors in exchange for shit I’d buy them.

Tomorrow will be my graduation. Whoa. Kinda speechless. I’m also a little nervous. I’ve been asked many times in the past few weeks if I am embarrassed. At first I was, but then I realized I’ve accomplished something major and my pride shouldn’t be a factor. I don’t regret dropping out of high school or waiting so long to get back to school. I’ve mad some mistakes and apparently have grown from them. I will be recognized for finishing school and receive a diploma. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

I get to see friends and family I haven’t seen in a while and I am also excited about that. CHYEAAAA! Hopefully, I can get some photos and video footage to post here for memory. Stayyyyyy posted.


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