About a month ago, my homeboy lost his iPhone. He said he wasn’t trippin’ because the iPhone 2 was coming out and he’d buy that replacement once it dropped. I told him he was trippin’, because I stay on top of this electronics shit and I have NEVER heard of a damn iPhone 2. (Although I soon learned about the software update 2.0)

Today, I read about dun dun dun…

Photo via Apple.com

The iPhone 3G. “Twice as fast, half the price” is what Apple is claiming. What I have realized is that Apple likes to come up with amazing technology. They hype the shit out of their products. Then within a year or two, they produce an upgraded product, and often cheaper. This is fact with the constant iPod changes. I’m not hating because I understand this, hence why I did not purchase the first iPhone.

New features such as GPS (was GPS on the first iPhone?) and minor tweaks have been added. Simply because of the price drop and added features, I may pick up the iPhone 3G. I have to say I’m not absolutely sold on the product. A touch screen phone is not something I prefer, but it does help and makes copy and pasting much easier on a phone. I’ve heard that the iPhone doesn’t accept multimedia text messages either, which is a bit of a setback. Also, what I am still dissatisfied with most is the lack of a real, physical keyboard. Perhaps, it’s a signature how Apple has the touch screen keyboard. It makes things difficult, because as you can tell, I type a lot. Also, there is no stylus so users must tap the screen with their fingers which makes your phone look a HOT ASS MESS.

PROS of the iPhone 3G

  • Newly priced at $199 (for an 8 Gig)
  • 16 Gig comes in black or white phone
  • App Store has new (and some free) products which users can create & debug
  • iPhone can connect by 3G, EDGE network and Wi-Fi which makes loading faster
  • GPS is now available on iPhone
  • phone brightness automatically adjusts in sunshine or darkness
  • proximity sensor immediately turns off display to prevent accidental touches

The new iPhone 3G comes out on July 11th.


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