I remember when this song came out in the late 90’s. This use to me and my friend San’s song. We use to (still) be like “I don’t wanna FUSS with yooo-oo-oouu…” haha! DOPE beat by Timbaland. Personally, I felt like at this time was when Tim was at his prime. This was when he was doing a lot of records for Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy but starting to branch out with artists like SWV and whatnot. I LOVED the harmonies with the original Destiny’s Child. I think they just flowed much better than DC3 with Michelle. I also noticed that in the second verse, Kelly’s vocals are no where near where they are now. It was also refreshing to see/hear Beyonce without over-the-top vocals/dance moves or the blonde hair. I always knew back then Beyonce would soon become solo. It was no coincidence that she was always singing lead, stood in the front and had her dad as their manager. Haha no hate, Beyonce is a hustla. Anyway boring video, great song.


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