Photo via. Dondria’s myspace

I’ve decided to start this category to showcase some of my favorite but not-so-known artists. The first Soul Underground artist is Dondria aka Phatfffat. Dondria started off making videos of herself singing and posting on youtube. I’ve been pretty aware of the R&B scene on YouTube and Dondria has been one of the first and most successful and finally got signed to Jermaine Durpri’s label So So Def Records late last year. Continue reading for Dondria’s first single ‘Can’t Stop’ along with some videos.

Dondria’s first single is ‘Can’t Stop‘ (click the video above to hear the track) which is an infectious track which I can’t get out of my head! Coincidentally, the track sounds similar to Solange Knowle’s ‘I Decided’ which has also been stuck in my head. Also, Dondria’s debut album will be released JULY 29th but J.D. hasn’t promoted her on TRL, 106 and Park and there isn’t even a video out yet. We’ll see what happens though. Dondria is a young, talented woman full of potential and is deserving of success.

Below is a video of Dondria and her friend Corey singing one of my favorite songs ‘My Love Is The Shh…‘ The two are very talented. There is talks that Corey may even get a record deal with producer Nitty, but that’s a whole ‘nother post (coming soon, ha!) Make sure you watch until the end of the video, it’s fuckin hilarious.

To watch the evolution of Dondria singing in front of her computer at home to attending BET Awards and photoshoots, check out Phatfffat’s youtube page HERE.


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  1. caron luton says:

    you are a star in my book already . Young Can sang . I Like how you talk before every song . and you also have a good atitude about thing s because in life you are gonna have some hatters out there, but just let them hate cause they aren’t doing what you are doing . I was trying to find cant’t stop on limewire but i couldn’t . tell me were i can find it @ you are agood r&b sing as well a gospel singer i like both
    you goooooooooooooooo Phatfffat you are on your way to the keeping with Jermaine Dupri that saya s alot

  2. caron luton says:

    I Got too excited writing to you as you can see.
    I spelled some words wrong ,but I’m sure that you can fill in the missing link and delete what don’t need to be there haha . you look like yolanda adams …. Do you know her ? May god bless and keep you in all you do new fan Caron

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