This morning, I had about two hours of sleep. Around 6:30AM I headed to the AT&T store to stand in line for the new iPhone 3G. I’ve said plenty times I do not LOVE the phone, but perhaps I will grow to appreciate it’s feature and what it has to offer. It took me some time, but I loved my BlackJack II before I lost it. Also, I dig Apple products.

Anyway, by 9:15AM I am finally let in. All of the cases and accessories for the phone were ugly and overpriced, so I decided to pass on that. Bluetooth headsets were crazy expensive as well. Aside from the server delays, I was pretty much in and out.

I arrive at home around 10AM and am confused by the lack of a ‘Getting Started’ guide which most electronics come with. I am not a retard and I can figure shit out on my own, but it’s best to know what to and what to avoid. So, I plug in the USB into my laptop and…nothing. iTunes says it cannot connect to the store page, therefore meaning I cannot activate my phone!

I restart my computer, no wuk. I tried my desktop PC, no wuk. I called AT&T (fuck that, I’m not finna sit here getting aggravated when it’s unlikely something I’m doing wrong) and the representative told me that because the iPhone 3G was released in many regions today, and the East Coast is 3 hours ahead of California, there is a huge delay because everyone is trying to activate their phones all at once. That was the same excuse for the delay when I purchased the phone which is all understandable.

My issue is htat I sit here 2 hours later with an unactivated iPhone. It’s fucking frustrated but I suppose I shall get over it. I’m just pissed that I barely got sleep and still haven’t had breakfast (it is not noon.) I will leave it alone for now and once I get the shit working, I will explain the pros and cons of the iPhone 3G.


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