According to a bulletin on myspace from Tyrese, the singer/actor explains his decision to take a break from his 10+ years of the music biz to focus on his movie career. Some quotes of the bulletin are below:

I don’t know if you heard but I took a MAJOR break from MUSIC
and I’m ONLY doing FILMS now..

I’ve done 10yrs + of MUSIC Love my music fans An will ALWAYS LOVE YOU.. I will do another album soon..

Yes it also means there will be NO “TGT” Album..

The phone has been ringing since BABY BOY for these movie rolls and the calls were Unanswered.. Cause I’m out tryna sell records???

Well the state of the MUSIC game is really horrible MOST people who have made HISTORY or thier MONEY in the MUSIC game are all packed up..
MOST major executives have BEEN fired and gonna BE FIRED..
Have you NOTICED how many artist are tryna ACT NOW????
Well this is the reason..

ALSO have you noticed how many people are saying it’s their LAST ALBUM???

Well the sad part about MOST artist is….. MUSIC is all they have..

I’ve been blessed in a lot of areas in my life.. And ACTING is one of them..

I Promise YOU I will do another album soon..

WHY AM I SPEAKING NOW??? ……I’m always getting emails about ANOTHER album..
Sorry.. No time soon,,

I WAS THINKING MAYBE I should get my ANDRE 3000 on and drop a joint HERE & THERE???? Nah!!!
…not likely..


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