So the last time I posted, I wrote about my frustration with the iPhone 3G especially with getting it properly activated. What’s ironic is that IMMEDIATELY after posting the angry blog post, I managed to get my iPhone to work. The first few days were filled with much confusion. The screen dims when you talk on the phone whcih lead to difficult manually hanging up. Now, I often use the headphones while in a conversation so if I avoid holding the phone vertically the phone’s buttons lights up allowing all normal functions.

I am using a gel case with a sticker for the front screen, along with a leather hip case. After much time, I’ve gotten the hang of the phone and the lack of common cell phone features such as bluetooth and multi-media messages do not bother me.

I’ve downloaded many free applications and games from Apple’s App Store. It was surprising to see how impressive certain apps were since they were free.

With ringtones, I had to purchase the original song but get to customize my own ringtone which was another .99 cents. Overall, both the song and ringtone combined cost $1.99 which was not a problem since most ringtones cost $2.49+ and you get to chose which specific part of a song you want as the ringtone with fading in and out options.

I’m growing to really like this phone.


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