When Trey Songz started discussing his new album a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic. Trey’s first album, ‘Gotta Make It’ was very original and dope. Last year’s follow-up, ‘Trey Day’ also lived up to my expectations so there’s no reason why the upcoming album ‘Ready’ would disappoint. I read in a recent interview that Trey felt he was maturing, hence the fitted jeans & new haircut, which is also why his album is titled Ready. From his first single (goddamn, didn’t the ‘Missin’ You’ video come out like 3 weeks ago?!) ‘In Ya Phone”feels very mediocre to me. The beat wasn’t doin’ it for me, sounded like some elementary shit to me. Also ain’t nothin mature tombout ‘put my numba in ya phone and when we get out da club, girl call me up’. Honestly, I can’t even hate because Trey has crazy talent.

LISTEN to Trey Songz – ‘In Ya Phone’

That talent within Trey Songz is undeniable, because as soon as I decide I dislike a track, he quickly redeems himself on the remix to Lloyd and Lil Wayne’sGirls All Around The World.’ I thought the track was aiight, but Trey just adds his verse and I’m addicted. Trey stays true to himself in his direct & honest horny ass lyrics but as usual is smooth with it. “Promise I won’t bite, unless you like!” Haha. Trey also has great range and shits all over Lloyd and his FALSE-tto.

LISTEN to Trey Songz & Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne
– Girls All Around the World Remix


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