After crazy fuck ups with my iPhone, I finally recieve my e-mails and in one of them was a new single from Brandy’s upcoming album. The track is titled ‘Right Here (Departed)’. I’m glad to hear Brandy reunited with one of my favorite producers Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins. The two have often collaborated in the past, but didn’t for Brandy’s last album ‘Afrodisac‘ released four years ago. I’m digging the track, but I don’t quite LOVE it–yet. Much of the newer music I feature on the site takes me a while to grow on me, but I usually become addicted. The song is classic Brandy, heavily layered vocals and beautiful harmonies. The beat is a little theatrical and dramatic but I can appreciate it. How do y’all feel about Brandy’s new music?

CLICK HERE to hear Brandy – Right Here (Departed)

For more info on Brandy, check out her MYSPACE page.


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