Hot damn. Usher‘s ‘U Turn‘ video was unreleased in the US, but got play overseas. Fortunately, with THE INTERNET we are able to share anything no matter where you are. ANYWAY, this track was and still is dope matter fact most of that ‘8701‘ album was. Choreography in the video is not too bad and I love when people rep Aaliyah after all the years she’s been gone.

When I hear this song. I think of one thing. On my 18th birthday, we went to Strikezone in Manteca where you can bowl or go on go-kart, bumper boats, all that good-good. ANYWAY, we go to the bar cuz that’s where they do karaoke. So, I’m over here chillin, sip-sippin on my brother and sister’s drinks. My brother and I decided to do this song and RIGHT when the lyrics come, my bro walks off the stage. With the echo being hella loud, it threw me off so my singing was delayed. THEN I forgot the lyrics and drop the mic and just started dancing. That was some hilarious shit that I’ll always remember. Too bad 90% of the crowd were like small-town rednecks. AWWWWWWWWWWWKWARDDDDDD. Anyway, to the video!


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