Yes, you read that right. While browsing YouTube (y’all know how I stay doing that) I found a live performance of Ne-Yo’s rendition of Rihanna’s ‘Take A Bow‘. What’s ironic is that Ne-Yo actually wrote the Rihanna’s version of Take A Bow as well. It’s funny how Ne-Yo is read/singing his lyrics from his Blackberry, but I think with today’s technology that shit is normal. Personally, I prefer Riri’s version. I’m sure I’ve expressed enough that Rihanna is NOT my favorite singer or anything close to it, but the way Ne-Yo sang his version did not fit the song whatsoever and did a lil somethin’ to my ears which I didn’t enjoy. What’s your opinions?

P.S. I’m hella jealous Ne-Yo got Lauren London, Gabrielle Union AND Keri Hilson all in his new video ‘Miss Independent‘ off his upcoming album ‘Year Of The Gentlemen‘. He didn’t get my wifey Sanaa Lathan tho! Haha. Photos can be found at Ne-Yo’s Blog.


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