As I had announced earlier, I did get to compile a lil mixtape (mixed cd/mp3s of Aaliyah songs). It wasn’t necessarily a greatest hits compliation, more of my personal preferences and favorite collaborations, remixes and unreleased songs. The reason why I didn’t make it a greatest hits mix was because I wanted a chill/laid-back vibe to the mix, hence the whole ‘celebrating’ part. I also wanted to expose people to other songs (or a different version of a song) some may have not already heard. The mixed cd includes collaborations with Nas, Missy Elliot, Slick Rick, Timbaland, DMX, Ginuwine, Treach of Naughty By Nature, R. Kelly, and Krayzie Bone. Tracks from the mixtape are from various Aaliyah albums, soundtracks and more.

The mix is in .rar file and is 90.8 MB


By the way, I’ve been making my rounds around the blogs this morning and I noticed many blogs have put up Aaliyah content and even updated their layouts with Aaliyah photos but ain’t none of them been celebrating as long as I have! Haha.


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