actually I don’t have a middle name. It’s not that I have been trying to avoid the blogs or content (such as the Ghostface video that was suppose to be up WEEKS ago…it’s coming, eventually!) Honestly, I started editing the Ghostface clip. It’s 8 minutes long and should be up soon. I’m not even gonna say when, but eventually! Tomorrow I have a sexual harassment meeting for work (yay! end sarcasm). On Friday, I will be heading back to the bay for Zack’s birthday this time. Probably will be there til Sunday. If so, I will bring my laptop and blog from there. Still have no clue if those plans are final. Then there’s also Rathany’s birthday. I’m just tryna settle shit. But that’s how things go. Speaking of the way things go, I’ve been having crazy ass sleep patterns. For a while, I just didn’t sleep. I had a max of 2 hours of sleep, if any, and would function just fine through school and work. Now, I just sleep late…I’m tombout 8-10am and wake up around noon. That’s a problem! Seeing how it’s 3AM, my blogging now isn’t the right time, so this will end here and now. But I wanted to mention that even though you may not see or hear things, I am doing some behind-the-scenes shit to help better the website including video blogs, interviews(?) and other surprises.

Lastly, I want to congratulate my good friends Jose and Cheri on having their son Vincent yesterday! I did not get to see him yet but hopefully will get a chance to see them all tomorrow.


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