Wow. Today was interesting. I saw my homeboy when I was at work today and we decided to go see Cheri in the hospital together. So we did. It was kinda cool seeing some people again. I’ve just doing my own thing lately, not worrying about anyway or anything. Oh yeah, I got more surprised responses about my hair. Damn, sometimes I forget how dramatic the change is. But you know, to me… it really ain’t that deep. And one more thing, I’m aware that my grammar is not always proper when I write here. Am I illiterate? No. Do I have to make sure everything I type is perfect. No. But I should! My point is most of these blog entries are not as much ‘written’ as it is my fingers typing my thoughts. PLEASE BELIEVE my brain moves just as fast as my fingers (take that in any way as you’d like, haha!) but no my thoughts do not have grammar check.

Oh yeah! As I said the other day, we did have our sexual harassment meeting at work today. It was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing because all of the ‘examples’ sounded so familiar. I swear, people are ‘offended’ by everything and will do anything to sue someone. Come on now, grow some balls, get a sense of humor and get over yourself, goodbye. HAHA. At the end of the ‘course’ the ‘instructor’ has us fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions were “What was your favorite part of the class?” and my response was “learning everyone’s favorite ice cream flavor.” Haha he started with us having an ‘icebreaker’ activity where we introduced ourselves, how long we’ve been working and our favorite ice cream flavors. Wow. Those were the worst two hours of my day. At least I got a few laughs and free water. For real though, water should always be free.

I’ma end it there, cuz y’all know I can go on for hours talking about ice cream flavors and whatnot. MORE new content coming soon. if you haven’t noticed already, the site is now located at Yes, y’all I’ve got my own domain! I’m still making more changes to the site though. I’ve taken a huge break from graphic & web design so things are moving slow (and lookin a mess). I will post my first-ever Soul Explicit Vlog (video blog) probably after the weekend and the first Soul Explicit podcast. Awesome, right? So, stay posted because I’ve got a lot of good shit coming!


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