Last weekend was Labor Day weekend, so it was an extended weekend… as is shown by my absence from work. This past weekend was …interesting you could say. I went to a friends birthday party and NO DISRESPECT WHATSOEVER but for real, I’m getting too old for parties with 15 year olds and a lack of/hidden beer. Haha. I’m hella serious though. It was really awkward and I felt crazy uncomfortable, because most of the people I knew/kicked it with had suddenly left as I arrived so I left about 5 minutes later and watch ed movies with my niece, Dany. I’m not tryna sound like I’m too mature or anything, but that’s how I feel about certain social situations right now. I think everyone gets tired of a certain phase/cycle in our lives.

My boy Zack’s birthday was cool. We went to Malibu’s… somethin’ where they had go-karts and bumper boats and batting cages and all that good-good. Kinda like Boomers in Modesto. Because of the drive to San Jose from Stockton, then back to wherever the fuck Malibu’s was I was fuckin’ tired. By the time we got back to Zack’s, everything was starving. So, we got some KFC. Yes, y’all I ate chicken again. At first it was gonna be a once in a week thing, but fuck it I love chicken. So, I eat chicken when I want, where I want. CALL ME WHATEVER YOU WANT, but I DO WHAT I WANT like Cartman. Soon after KFC, they convince Tony and Diane to take me to the store so I buy Zack a cake, two balloons, candles and some silly string. Tell me WHY the hell all of that cost me $40. I love Zack ^_^ but c’mon now, I’m saving up for Vegas. But you wanna know why I spent so much? I’ll tell you why. It’s because their Wal-Mart is NOT open 24 hours in San Jose, so we had to go to fuckin’ Safeway. Haha, no but seriously it was worth it. I had fun. We all did as you can tell in the photos below.

Yes, that floral balloon does say ‘Hope You’re Feeling Better’ haha. I was as serious as Zack’s Cambodian ass shirt.


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