This track is one of my “walking music.” People always ask me what the hell does that means and it’s basically like my entrance music. I’d like to think everyone has a song that plays in their head at different times of their life. Like in a movie, a certain type of music comes on during a love scene, fight scene or emotional scene. Well, you know when you walk into a club or a party and you feel like all eyes are on you (perhaps they’re not, it doesn’t even matter!) but when you KNOW you look good, smell good and just FEEL good about yourself; what song do you imagine coming on at the time if your life was a movie? I’m crazy I know. But one of my songs is ‘Got It Twisted’ because it just makes me feel good and… ready. Haha. I will put my other walking song perhaps a little before my birthday, just to get in the mood/mindset. Check out the video below.


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