As I spoke on earlier, fall is quickly approaching therefore as the seasons change so must our attire. This is a new segment I’m calling ‘Get Fly With JC’. Basically, I am posting clothing I prefer and would wear and to give people an idea of what they could and should but normally wouldn’t consider wearing. Why, you ask? Well 1) I think people can’t dress and that’s about it haha. The whole point of ‘Get Fly’ is to have a look at my preference of clothing, my PRICING range/limits and recommendation. You don’t have to agree with ANYTHING. Here is my first edition of Get Fly With JC: Fall Edition #1.

First of all if you can’t get with skinny, at least try slim or straight jeans. In a month, I will be 21 so believe that I am not/have not been wearing loose, baggy ass jeans. Levi‘s are 85% of the jeans I’m rockin’ nowadays. You don’t have to choose this particular t-shirt, but pick a tee that shows your character and is available at a reasonable price would be fine. I’m not into brand name/logo tees because when you run into people wearing the same clothing it’s awkward and/or embarrassing. Vest is optional, but if you aren’t use to or don’t own one I highly suggest doing so. It adds a grown feel to the outfit. The vest can be buttoned or not, either way it still does it’s job. Fresh Supras are cool because they’re simple but you still get (good) attention/noticed. Plus, you can never go wrong with hi-tops. I’m a fitted cap type dude, so I’d throw on a KR3W hat just to maintain a youthful feel. I may be grown, but it’s important to stay relevant and fresh. That’s pretty much it for this edition of Get Fly With JC. Let me know if you like what you see or plan on switching up your style to something similar to this.


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