At work, I like to sing theme songs from old TV shows. Hell, I just sing everything all the time. Anyway, for the past few days I’ved asked everyone if they remember the cartoon show Daria which use to play on MTV back when they actually played music videos. I even reminded them that she use to be on Beavis & Butthead and how they’d always harass her by singing “Diarreah, cha-cha-cha” and NOTHING. So, I sang the theme song cuz I loved it. STILL nothing. ONE person knew what I was talking about but could not recognize the theme song. For all you LAMES who do not know Daria, I found a youtube clip of the theme song.

To the Daria fans, show me some love (aka links to some episodes ha!)

P.S. At this second, I am watching the old cartoon Recess on one of the Disney channels at 1am haha. Don’t tell me y’all don’t remember that. I’ll give you one (singing) hint: “Onee Saturday morniiing” haha.


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