Friday 09/19/08:
Wow… just, wow. I had Friday off, so I had a few things to do. I was suppose to go driving and shopping for shit for my birthday. FAILED. I sat around all day, watched TV, read blogs. Didn’t even bother trying to go out because I had to be at work at 9am on Saturday morning. Worst Friday ever. Just whack.

Got off work at 5:30. My friend Phalary invited me to go see the Hieroglyphics with Tanya Morgan and more at the skate park in Sacramento but I knew I’d be too drained and exhausted from my lack of sleep and work. I ended up going shopping with my family later on in the evening. Came home and watched ‘Baby Mama’ was my family. Pretty funny movie. Not fucking hilarious, but pretty funny. Angie came thru and failed at fixing our issue with the TV and Xbox 360, so we weren’t able to play Rock Band (at 2am). I searched for cameras online and failed. Went to sleep by 4am.

I got to work a little early today, just before noon. My sister hit me up about going to San Jose to pick up Jil and perhaps go shopping. I asked to leave work early because it was crazy slow. Approved. So, I bounced. Arrived in 408 at approximately 4:45PM. Picked up Jil, visited Zack. We talked about my birthday and chill then headed to Oakridge. Shopped. Ate. Wild out to T.I.’s new album in the ride. Once we got to Zack’s crib, we looked up clubs and bars we would hit up for my birthday. Some interesting stuff we shall find out about. It’s 2AM and I’m still on my camera hint. Yo, I am determined! So, I’m out!


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