So, it’s Monday night soon to be Tuesday. Here goes my weekend recap.

Friday 09/26/08:
First off, if y’all haven’t noticed already, I start my weekends on Fridays. Honestly, I don’t even remember what happened Friday. I’m thinking: woke up, did math, went to work, came home, blogged, end of day. Yeah, I’m exciting.

Saturday 09/27/08:
I worked in the morning, so I got off fairly early.. around 5ish I assume. We headed to Lollicup and Target. My boy Zack surprised me when she showed up with Peanut and Ouk there before we left (only because I didn’t know when he’d arrive.) Ended up sittin’ around waiting on people ALL night. I hate it when people take forever to get ready. People became indecisive of where we were eating for my niece Dany’s birthday and it was a hot ass mess. Ended up at Sho Mi’s and I swear the waitress was mean muggin BEFORE I even stepped into the restaurant. They told us if we arrived BEFORE 9, it was all good because they usually closed at that time. We arrived by 8:50. Yeah… Anyway, we all ended up going bowling as I posted in the pictures a few days ago. Had fun. Almost won. Kicked Zack’s ass quiet a few times. I love being around family… especially when there’s good energy.

Sunday 09/28/08:
I was crazy tired the following day. We didn’t leave the bowling alley til 2am. Went to work. Got off work early. Bought Dany a birthday cake. We sang (FAST.) We ate. We watched a little TV. Came home, MORE math, more blogs. Now, I KNOW next weekend will be MUCH more exciting. My energy has been feeling kinda low lately, I don’t like it. But if you didn’t know by now, my 21st is coming up this Saturday, October 4th. I’ll be in Stockton Friday night, so if you’ve got my number “don’t hesitate, holla at meeeeee” (Brandy, haha). Like Trey Songz (or Spongebob Squarepants), I’mmmmmm reeeeeaddy!


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