Friday: 10/03/2008
Friday was just a mess. I didn’t know what to buy. Where to buy it. If it would rain. Who was coming. Who was not coming. Should I get some chairs/tables. Is it necessary to buy hella liquor? WHY ARE MY SHOES TEARING?! Friday was the day of my birthday BBQ/pre-clubbing/bar hopping. It was strange because people weren’t calling me and I was unsure of whether they’d even show up. When people did show up it was awkward, because when I asked no one wanted to drink. My only thought when I was constantly drinking was “then why the hell are you here?” That probably makes me sound like an asshole, but that’s how I felt at the time. Though I am aware that it is difficult to make people feel comfortable. Nonetheless, your boy was feelin’ himself and caught a lil buzz. Although we were indecisive, we did go to a bar. Stooges. Wow. The bar is posted in this lil ghetto corner near a street I use to live. HELLLLLLA white. They were playing rock songs hella loud. That mug was empty (probably because the fact that we arrived at 1:30AM). I had a couple of drinks. We left to Scores, a bar in a bowling alley, but they were closed. =[ So we called it a night.

Saturday October 4th, 2008:
I woke up at my sister’s house. The only thought on my mind was “Why the hell does my head hurt this back and I KNOW I’m not walkin’ home.” Of course, I ended up walking home with a small ass blazer on and my laptop strapped to my back. Yo, our houses are not far in distance but that seemed like a long ass walk. My boy Jose invited me to lunch with him, Cheri and baby Vincent. They were treating me for my birthday, so you know I couldn’t turn that down. I love Jose & Cheri. They always show me love regardless of what has been/is going on in their lives. So we went to BJs and I don’t know what’s going on but I believe my appetite may be decreasing ‘cuz I couldn’t finish my pasta for shit! They also gave me this card. I think it’s interesting how every year in the past few years I get one birthday card. I like that though, it makes me cherish them more. So, tell me why I was chillin on my couch all day on my 21st birthday watching my sister’s hair color results changing. We headed out to San Jose around 7:30 and arrived a little after 9. Because my shoes fucked up on me, I had to borrow Zack’s. Went back to Zack’s to pick up the shoes, ended up taking shots, FORGOT THE SHOES so we ended up going to a lounge. I decided I prefer lounges over clubs because a big dude like me needs some time to shit and chill and drankkk. Had hella fun. Took hella pictures. Had a few drinks. Yo, I swear I fell out of my chair when Jay Z’s ‘I Just Wanna Luv Ya (Give It To Me)’ came on. That’s my shit. DAMN. And when ‘Swagga Like Us’ came on. IT WAS INTENSE. We were gettttttttin’ it. Hella fun. Hella sweaty. There were a few guys hitting on my boy, Zick and I thought that shit was hella funny. Went to Dennys. Still couldn’t finish a (American) meal. Took a shit. Got asked “how can you do that in a public restroom?” Look, IF IT’S COMING OUT, IT’S COMIN.

Sunday October 5th, 2008:
My sister woke us up pretty early. I’m tombout like 5 hours after we got home. And she usually wakes up at noon when in Stockton at her house! We went to eat some kathew aka pho aka noodle soup. Afterwards, we hit up Santana Row to do some shopping. I didn’t get to see all the stores, but I assume there were other stores I would’ve been more into than the ones I saw. I’ve wanted to go to Urban Outfitters every time we go ot San Jose and finally, we did! Yo. I saw everything I’ve wanted online (except these pillows, but fuck a pillow.) I realized how similar my style is to people I’m around. I think that’s a good thing. Fly people should stick together, haha. But for real, yeah I wanted everything. I’m one of those dudes who rock hoodies, track jackets, sweaters, peacots and blazers all year round so when winter comes and fall clothes are available, I go crazy. I tried on this leather jacket. I kinda loved it, except it didn’t fit me. If it had, it would’ve been mine. I’m also on a hunt for a duffle bag. Not one of those $5,000 Loius Vutton ones, just a plain one. Maybe somethin like THIS. It’s animal-friendly leather, so that’s pretty dope. Afterwards we went to another mall, kinda got lost and were EXHAUUUUUUUUSTED. We finally left to Zack’s crib and shortly returned to Stockton. Dayuum that was one exhausting, hot, fun weekend. By the way, I was not THAT drunk so feel free to take me out for drinks, because I sho do celebrate my birthday all month long, no lie!

P.S. Photos will be posted soon!


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