Damn, I know we’re already mid-way into this week but things have been crazy hectic. There’s been a lot going on, yet not enough happening. Hence, me being way behind on my post! I apologize and am back with my weekly recap!

Friday: 10/10/08
Can I be honest? It’s fuckin’ Wednesday. I have no clue what happened last Friday!

Saturday: 10/11/08:
The day was slow and bland. I went to work in the afternoon. Left work by evening. Hit the club for my sister’s homegirl’s birthday. Didn’t really drink though. Took some pictures. Sho nuff danced it up. I suppose this had to be my highlight of the week!

Sunday: 10/12/08:
I arrive at home by around 2:30 or so (the club we went to was in Sacramento.) The very first thing my brother says to me before I even walk into my room was ‘Ah Rin was shot and it’s fatal.’ Ah Rin aka Sarin is one of my brother’s good friends since early childhood (and also brother to one of my childhood friends Sousann). That was hella random and really awkward for me to hear right after getting back from “partying.” We kinda sat around and he left a bulletin on myspace about what happened. He dreaded just waiting for news and I sat awake as well, just clueless and trying to be hopeful. As my brothers cell goes off, he is continually jumpy and I’m just completely lost. Not even 30 minutes later, we hear from Sarin’s older brother that he didn’t make it. My brother then leaves to his room and that was that. I’m still in shock today and I don’t think I have fully taken it in yet. When I think of Sarin, I remember him clowning, drinking beers, playing rock band and skateboarding. He’s one of those goofy ass dudes that everyone knows. That is the reason why people ask why? I don’t really know what to say about that… just Rest In Peace. I assume there will be a funeral this weekend. Sorry for the depressing post, but this shit is real life.


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