‘If I Were A Boy’

When most people think of Beyonce, we think of her dramatic ass (over-the-top) singing, whack ass clothing line and how she is promoting everything Loreal, Maybelline, –you name it, she’s there. Personally, I’ve learned to set all of that aside because although all of those things mentioned are true, so is Beyonce’s talent. No only has Beyonce been delivering good music since the late ’90s with Destiny’s Child but she remains consistent while staying true to herself. With all of that said, I was especially skeptic when hearing B’s new singles ‘If I Were A Boy’ and ‘Single Ladies.’…Boy’ had a great meaning, but vocally it was all over the place. As many have said before, ‘Single Ladies’ is very reminiscent of ‘Get Me Bodied’ off her last album ‘B’day. However, after seeing her music videos I changed my mind a bit. 1) B is lookin right and is gettin doooooown and 2) The way they incorporated the storyline for the ‘…Boy‘ video fits the song very well. Both singles will be on Beyonce’s new album ‘I Am’ due out December 18th.

‘Single Ladies’


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