Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to experience The Roots live for the first time ever. After all of the positive things I always hear about a live Roots performance, I knew I had to see them myself. The huge 6,000 seat room quickly filled up with mostly 20-something year olds. Many of us actually sat on the floor for an hour to have a decent spot to see each band. Estelle opened up the show with much energy and sang songs about her womanly experiences and ended her show paying tribute to ‘American Boys.’ I was surprised by Estelle’s charismatic performance; she was very comedic and direct– kinda like one of your extremely honest home girls. I dug that about her and plan to purchase her album based solely off her performance. Estelle also brought on an audience member and they danced. It was hilarious how she told both males and females that if they wanted to leave with someone to just start (dutty) whining and grinding, ha!

Gym Class Heroes’ set seemed ENDLESS to me. I wasn’t much of a fan before the show nor after their performance. The female fans were ecstatic as well as psychotically dramatic. Many groupies grow aggressive by threatening one another as well as repeatedly shouting, “FUCK ME!” to Travis McCoy. Yes, they were seriously (and drunk.) The highlight of their performance was a cover of Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry.’

As the Roots arrived onstage, the crowd grew wild. To my surprise, much of the audience was in fact there to see the Roots. To be completely honest, I was a little bored at times. Because of all the amazing things I hear about The Roots’ performances, I had extremely high expectations. Nonetheless, I was not disappointed nor did my lack of sleep and tiresom legs take away from the amazing show The Roots put on. Each member had a solo, which I can appreciate because every live band show allow all members to shine. Their set actually started off with a tuba player which was also very impressive. The band did quite a few covers which left me asking myself “Why is Black Thought so excluded?” Then BAM to my surprise, Black Thought KILLS it. FOR MINUTES. I now knew why I had to see The Roots live. Also, as I had expected, Mos Def shows up as a surprise guest and performs with the band for a few songs. Mos was around the bay for shows this weekend and I just knew he’d arrive. My friend Phalary attacked my arm as she noticed his surprise appearance. The Roots Crew brought Estelle back out to perform Erykah Badu’s hook on ‘You Got Me’ with their version of Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’ in the background (short clip of that coming soon.) I was in the front row and the security was strict about the audience not videotaping, so I was unable to take many clips but my 6X zoom on my camera did me fairly well. Overall the show was awesome and well worth the time and money. EVERYONE should go see The Roots at least once in their lifetime. My personal photos from the show are below.


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