I am back! Not that I have gone anywhere, but we all have lives and I’ve been unable to blog on a daily basis. First of all, I finally got my license! Not exactly, but I passed my behind-the-wheel test and I am checking DAILY to see when my license arrives. I swear that photo looks like a mafuckin mug shot. Oh well. To wrap up last week, I attended The Roots show which I posted about the day after. Sunday was the day of Sarin’s funeral. It was really weird to see so many people which I haven’t seen in yeeeeeears and everyone is just down. There was much crying and I understood why when I saw his body. It was an open-casket and I was just…speechless when I saw his lifeless body laying there. On a lighter note, this weekend wasn’t too bad.

Friday October 24th, 2008:
I ran errands. It was great. I’m lying, it was horrible. I went shopping, because it was my day off so I wanted to do something laid back and chill. Because I was off Saturday, I just relaxed Friday and watched season two of ‘Weeds’ on DVD. You should check out that show if you’ve never heard of it. Middle class white woman from the suburbs starting slanging weed once her husband dies and she struggles to pay her bills. If that doesn’t just sound interesting enough, I don’t know what is. That was my night.

Saturday October 25th, 2008:
I KNEW I was going out for drinks Saturday night.. but my day seemed to resume from Friday which was boring as hell. I’m all for alone time and whatnot but DAMN. There was a concert at a lounge downtown with Chingy, VIC and someone else. Personally, I didn’t give a shit but I wanted to go out. We checked out the place and the people at the door were telling us it was at another location and all this other shit. It was a mess so we bouuunced. Ended up at a bar and everything was allllll good. I was gettin’ doooooown. But for real, I can’t wait for my friends to turn 21 so we can all chill together.

Sunday October 26th, 2008:
I didn’t arrive home til 4am because of reasons I don’t want to discuss haha. Well, we got pulled over. ANYWAY, woke up around 2 and had to be at work by 4. DAMN. I had to take my dad’s ’88 Camry. Yo, this shit was making all kinda noises and was a bitch to get started. Luckily my father LOCKED HIS KEYS IN HIS OTHER CAR so he had to come pick up the Camry from my work (for the spare keys). Exciting weekend right? Hahah I’m out!


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