This weekend was EXHAUSTING as hell and I am glad it is over! Here’s what happened:

Friday October 31, 2008:
Halloween is the busiest day of the year at work so I knew I would be there fore a while, BUT it was actually slow as hell while I was there. Fortunately, I was able to get off a couple hours early and head to San Jose to hit up the bars/clubs with Zack n dem. They wanted to go to this new club called Wet, but this line was going down to the END of the street and I’m just thinking HELL NAW. Luckily, we all decided it was ridiculous to wait in this long ass line with the cold weather so we ended up going to Motif instead. Motif was actually pretty small and they weren’t letting us upstairs which was whack. But overall I had a good time. Had a few drinks, danced it up, all that good-good. Music wasn’t great, but it was still fun. We ended up heading towards a hotel room some friends got and all chilled there. Played some FUNNY drinking games (HAHA PHOTOSYNTHESIS!) but I wasn’t able to sleep because I had to sit in the chair all night. So, I end up watching TV all night and got a little sleep when everyone else woke up.

Saturday November 1, 2008:
With the drinking/dancing and lack of sleep, I was tired Saturday. We left the hotel by noon and had kathew (noodle soup) later in the afternoon. We went over to a friend’s crib where some people played video games and I took a FAT dump. For some reason, we decided to go to the club once again. Although the rain seemed endless that day, we didn’t have to wait in line once we got to the Loft. We quickly saw why. There was very little people there. No one was really dancing. That was exactly why I headed STRAIGHT to the bar. We dance a little bit. We requested Trey Songz. No Trey Songz. They did play Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and of course me and Peanut was getting dooooown as usual haha. The crowd dissolved quickly and I grew sober soon after. Obviously, it was time to go. Looking back, I think it was because of the time change and people probably thought it was later than it really was? Who knows. The club was NOT poppin’ but of course your boy had fun, especially during the reggae songs. We headed to a gas station afterwards, where Peanut & I decide to get a 40 oz and some food haha. We watched a movie.. it wasn’t memorable and I passed out.

Sunday November 2, 2009:
I woke up feeling like that was some great sleep. Indeed, it was! I was told Zack and Peanut had left because I nearly rolled over Peanut and kicked Zack off the bed. HAHA that’s some funny shit and I believe it! My friend Phong and I left San Jose around 11 and got home within 1.5 hours. I went over to my sister’s house and ate some spaghetti my niece made. Then we went to my other sisters house and ate the fried rice she made. THEN I had to go straight to work. It was a fairly busy day and my body was exhausted. I asked to go home early, but decided to stay my entire shift because I’m a broke ass. I’d say it was a FULL and fun weekend. Pictures will be up soon!


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