Today, Deborah Cox returns with her R&B comeback several years after her last release, ‘The Morning After‘. During her break from R&B music, Deborah released a jazz album honoring Dinah Washing, performed in two plays and became a mother. After much growth and maturity in music and life, Deborah returns to music and takes the independent route this time. Collaborators on ‘The Promise’ include Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, John Legend and Devo Springsteen. To listen to new songs and more info, check out Deborah at myspace and at If you are a fan of Deborah’s music, PLEASE go out and buy the album. The album is filled with classic Deborah Cox material– real soulful singing with thoughtful songs and beautiful melodies and only $7.99 at Circuit City. I am not playing! Please support good music.

Also, be sure to catch Deborah on the Tom Joyner morning show in a 3-part interview where they preview her new album and Deborah sings classic songs live at 5AM! She KILLS both ‘We Can’t Be Friends‘ & ‘How Did You Get Here‘. The live interview reminds us why we are fans and what R&B has (HONESTLY) been missing.


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