*** I wrote this entry Sunday evening, but due to my constant procrastination did not get to post it ’til Tuesday morning.

Friday November 7, 2008:
I got off work fairly early and was to continue my sister’s birthday celebration. We went to El Torito for happy hour and had some drinks. I swear those margaritas were all ice because all I got was brainfreeze, no buzz. Afterward, my sister and I went to grab some liquor before going out. After much procrastination and indecision, we head to The Boiler Room which is one of the newer bar/lounges in Stockton. We got there fairly early (early=free) so I understood why it was empty. We grabbed a few drinks at the bar a d chilled. I definitely was NOT feelin the music at all. Turned out that until the end of the night, the music would still suck and be repetitive. Also the dance floor stayed empty. I did run into a few people though, but that’s only because Stockton is that small. My highlight of the night? When my sister says to me, “Did you just FART in the club?!” Unfortunately, you all should know the answer to that.

Saturday November 8, 2008:
I woke early Saturday morning because we had to leave to Fresno to get my dads car fixed and my nephew who live there was having a baby shower. Ended up staying at my brothers auto shop for three fucking hours! My nephew picked us up and we (kinda) greeted some family and friends. I found it strange that many people constantly offered me beer and food. I guess people aren’t use to seeing me sober haha. We had to leave early because we planned on continuing my sisters birthday celebration in Stockton. Supposedly, the car wouldn’t be fixed until Sunday afternoon so we decided we had to take the Amtrak. Turns out my father is a liar and we left 15 minutes later. After I get home, Jose hits me up to see if I wanted to kick it and peep his new apartment. He picked me up and we watched this weird ass movie. This ninja falls asleep not even halfway into the movie! He woke up after the movie ended and we watched some music videos and I introduced him to Dwele. After that we called it a night.

Sunday November 9, 2008:
As for most people, my Sunday was boring and consisted of chillin at the crib, paying bills then coming to work, where I am now. This weekend has not been very eventful, though fairly interesting. I’m ready for the next!

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Weekend Recap Photos!

Because The Boiler Room was SO whack, we didn’t even take ONE photo! Now that’s just sad.

Kea & Susan at El Torito for happy hour


Friday was also my niece, Jily’s, first day of kindergarten & she was excite to wear her uniform.


Here is my sister Kea, niece Jil, nephew’s fiance/babymama Julie & nephew Ah Bee.

Pretty fun weekend and I think I will start including photos in my weekend recaps. Matter of fact, I’m WAY behind in updating my photography pages! Also, more crazy ass videos coming soon.


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