Friday November 14th, 2008:
Friday was very chill. Unlike most Fridays, I was able to get some laundry done, clean the bedroom and even bake angel food cake with my four year old niece. Later, we went for a walk. Of course, your boy had a few margaritas haha. I figured the way the day was going, there was no need to go out. Also saw a movie with my niece, Dany, later that night. The day just came and went.

Saturday November 15th, 2008:
After work, Dany and I decided to play some Rockband. I left my blade for my Magic Bullet so I couldn’t make anymore margaritas. WHACK. That night we watched Poltergeist 2 which damn near put me to sleep then we watched ‘Failure To Launch’. That movie was aiight, but at least it kept me awake. That was pretty much my night. Hot damn I have never really stayed in all weekend since I turned 21, so that was pretty cool.

Sunday November 16th, 2008:
Nothing really special happened today. My brother came over and he brought his T.V. to our house. I assume that means he’s moving in. That should be INTERESTING. That was my weekend. How was yours? Filled with binge drinking and unprotected sex with dirty prostitutes? I hope not. Haha. Goodnight!


P.S. I just like this photo I took of my niece. She doesn’t. But the color of the sky looked hella cool. Yeah, that’s the sky behind her (I shot the photo while I was sitting down, ha!)


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