– I miss the beach/lake/outdoor nature. I wish it wasn’t this fuckin’ cold. The photo above is of a tree and my homegirl Rathany chillin at Lake Camanche. We all had some good times there.

– I always sing at work. The other day, I started rappin to something… whatever came up on my iPod and I was like “yo, aiiyo! look!” and all my co-workers are lookin at me hella lost. I thought it was the funniest shit ever. They can ignore my obnoxious ass singing but when I rap a verse or something, they stop and store. OR it could be that I was simply shouting out salutations and caught their attention? Haha.

– I saw a Britney Spears documentary on MTV today and I kinda started to understand what she’s going through. She seems to have a lot on her plate, but she continually has fun and is goofy. She appreciates all that she has. I remember a line she said was something like if she didn’t have people studying her or doing tests on her all day, she would be happier. You gotta understand she’s not just a celebrity. She is FAMOUS in many countries and can’t go anywhere without being followed, photographed and whatnot along with people all in her business and talking hella shit. She has little to no freedom or private life. You can’t really judge someone if you hadn’t experienced what they have. Thought that was an interesting film.

– I’m really feelin’ this new Common ft. Chester French (listen HERE.) It wasn’t really hard for me to get use to Common trying out different sounds, because I know he’s dope at what he does and I embrace change. When it’s GOOD change that is.

– Speaking of a change in sounds, the new Kanye is really growing on me. I think it was all the ‘808s & Heartbreak(ing’) this past weekend! I’m starting to like most of the album.

– Yo, it has been CRAZY foggy in Stockton lately. I’m tombout it looks like Silent Hill the movie outside! ALLLL DAY. It’s ridiculous. I refuse to drive in this fuzzy ass weather with my expired ass contact lenses.

– Christmas is around the corner and I am craazy broke. This shit is not cute.

– YouTube can keep me up all night, I swear. I love it when people sing songs better than the original artists. I’m thinking bout doing a YouTube Spotlight type segment.

– None of my ‘Artist of the Week’ entries have ever been posted because I put all the effort into writing them, you know without run-on sentences and grammatical errors, and then BAM it’s gone.  I need to SAVE so I can publish later. (I don’t always write my drafts on WordPress, yeah– it’s that serious.)

– I really need to change this layout.

– I’m gonna start making more video blogs. It’s hella much easier and kinda fun. I think more bloggers should do a lil video every once in a while. It feels a little strange to me, because I’m so use to (and prefer) to stay behind the camera. But I’ve decided FUCK what we’re use to.

– Life is amaaaaazing. ‘So amaaazinn’ haha.


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