Although I thought I was growing to love my iPhone 3G, lately I’ve been feeling it’s been very disappointing. I am starting to notice more than ever that my calls are constantly being dropped! I know people have complained about it in the past with the original iPhone and nothing has changed. I’ve also tried to ignore the fact that Safari CONSTANTLY shuts down my internet browser as I am about to press ‘submit.’ Just yesterday, I tried to pay a bill (which would be late today) online on my iPhone. Browser kept shutting down be fore I could enter my account number! So, I decided to call and pay instead. My call got dropped three times right as I would once again enter my account number.

Today, while browsing Complex’s blog I was reacquainted with a phone I first spotted on Marcus Troy‘s blog and tried my hardest to ignore. My phone is a daily accessory– to contact people, keep in touch with family, recieve/send e-mail, blog, browse the web, pay bills, my calendar, even shop and of course listen to music. I have high standards and have minimum requirements for my phones (I’m not playin’.) I need 3G, bluetooth, e-mail, mp3 player & ringtones, multi-media messages, a camera, full internet browser and some free games would be nice. I felt with the iPhone 3G, I’ve settled for less because the iPhone obviously does not offer all of those featuers. Although I’ve grown to love Apple’s free apps, I am beginning to think Sony Ericsson’s X1 will kick the iPhones ass. Continue reading for my breakdown.


In my own personal experience (I’ve used many different models of cell phones), Sony Ericsson has the best speakers. Both my old Blackjack 2 and current iPhone 3G, the speaker quality and volume are both beat by my old Sony Ericsson which they don’t even sell anymore! Some of my favorite and most impressive features from this phone includes the slide-down hard (physical) keyboard instead of iPhone’s onscreen keyboard, touch screen, an optical joystick,  WayFinder Navigater GPS, 3G speed internet, push e-mail, RSS feeds so you stay updated with blogs & websites, 3MP camera with 3x zoom and high quality video recorder, WI-FI and video call where you and your caller can see each other live! The phone also comes with with 400MB of memory and has a port for extended microSD memory. For a slider phone, the phone is fairly thin as well.


To me, this phone is damn near perfection. It looks sleek, offers everything I could want and need in a phone and is not owned by half of the US population. Want one? So do I. The bad news?  The phone is $799 and currently out of stock. Although I’m loving everything about this phone, your boy is NOT about to finance on a cell phone! Supposedly the phone is not yet released in North America which would explain more questions. Until then, I will have to stick with my iPhone 3G.



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  1. lhino9 says:


    I own the X1 and love it. Also have the HTC TyTN 2, and love it. I highly recommend the HTC phones; get the newest . . . HTC Touch Pro (I’ve tried it out; has all the capabilities & features of the X1).

    The keyboard on the X1 will take some getting used to. With the HTC phones you’ll slide right into the keyboards. Waaaaaay too much time will be spent getting used to the X1’s ‘board. I invested the time, got used to it, still not as fast as the HTC ‘boards.


  2. shams says:

    After see this i just say this

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