Wassup everybody. I know it’s been fuckin forever since I’ve last updated. It’s only a couple of weeks until Christmas, so I’m tryna get every hour in possible at work. When I’m NOT working, I’m shopping. I barely even got any sleep this weekend, I mean… even less than usual! Basically, I’m tryna make money to spend it on others. See how generous I am? Haha. So, that’s what’s been keeping me occupied.

In other news, I’m still stuck on Brandy‘s new album. Favorite tracks? Hella! Off the top of my head I’ma say ‘A Capella (Something’s Missing)’, ‘Piano Man’, ‘The Definition’, and ‘Camouflage’. I have yet to hear neither Common or Musiq Soulchild‘s albums yet. When I listen to an album, I listen to it.

I have to say that lately I’ve been slightly distract and very much annoyed. There are things that people say or do and I tell myself, “fuck em, that’s what their purpose is in my life.” There’s only so much bullshit we should let slide. What important is that we stay true to ourselves. I feel like I’m a genuine person without bad intentions. When that negative energy is within me and I spread it is when I begin to remind myself to be cool. It’s not necessarily being the “bigger person.” To me, I’m being a BETTER person for myself because I know I’m not “evil” or… fuckin lame. So, if you’re having a bad week/month/year, fuck it and enjoy the good times. The holidays are coming up and we shall celebrate! Oh yeah and shoutouts to Keo who’s 25th Birthday will be going doooown this Friday! What are we doing? I have no clue, but it will be fun ha!

Lastly, it’s been especially cloudy in Stockton and I’m loooooovin’ it. I mean, I wake up hella cold every morning but when I look up it’s so beautiful that I don’t even care. Winter clothing is fly anyway, right?


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