I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. First of all, I’ve been thinking about this blog. I’ve always been into webdesign and graphic design since middle school. That means I can make up my own layouts and graphic images. Using wordpress(.com) is way too limited for me. I seriously need an upgrade ASAP! Also, I’ve been thinking about the content. I post some of my favorite songs and videos, sometimes write about my personal life and post photos I take. Nothing is explicit about it. When I come here to post/write things, I feel like I should restrict myself… like I shouldn’t say certain things. I never (rarely) feel like that! To me, that’s strange. I think it’s the fact that I am unaware of my readers. I WILL get over that. Lastly, I’m even considering a name change! I just don’t LOVE it. It doesn’t stick to people’s head. I just don’t love it, and I feel like this site is a big representation of myself so I need something addictive and contagious ha! Because of that, I need to love my site name. Also, I will turn this blog into a WEBSITE with separate content, so you’re looking at more than one page (besides the categories). This should be very interesting yet also time consuming! Please believe change will not happen overnight, because that’s unrealistic.

For the past couple of years, I’ve always thought of ways to improve myself. Whether it was my schooling, eating habits, personal appearance–I knew I could always be better. I’m learning now it takes effort and time. In the past, I’ve always thought new year’s resolutions were pathetic and useless because everyone had these HUGE goals they knew they could never accomplish and gave up on the second week of January. Last year, my personal goals were to 1) get my high school diploma and 2) get my license! I’ve accomplished both within the year (actually finished school in December ’07 but graduation was June ’08). I felt like people were very doubtful and not supportive of me through my struggles. MOST people have their high school diploma and license BEFORE 21. That’s great, but that wasn’t me. I live on my own time clock and it was a huge accomplishment for me to attain both goals within the time I had planned. The unfortunate thing is that people won’t try to look through another person’s perspective and understand why a person feels a certain way about certain things. I never thought it was important to have a driver’s license–still don’t.

Anyway, I am rambling. Oh well, get use to it. So, here’s a list of my current resolutions of ’09. These are some BIG goals and I feel confident that I can accomplish most, if not all before 2010 (in no specific order)!

– Get a car
– A new job
– Get fit (maintain better diet & lose weight)
– Enroll in school
– Step up my web/graphic design skills
– Get my own apartment!
– Be nice(r)… it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be “nice,” I’ve tried it.
– Be more understand and less judgmental
– Correct my posture! You know I be slouchin haha!
– Accept people for who they TRULY are & not try to improve them/involve myself (hardest one?!)
– Become more social/build new relationships (pssh ACQUAINTANCES)
– Be as helpful and involve with family & friend (at their request)
– To be more generous and giving, especially to the needy/less fortunate.

What are YOUR new years resolutions/current life goals? Leave me a comment!


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  1. Jimmy says:

    help mommy with house bills haha… and also to improve myself. those are my only ones… and dude… you dont have to be nicer to people… cause the ones you are rude to are asking for it haha. and the social part… wait for school to start and BAM social circle everywhere. just find you click. every one is judgmental. no need to be shy haha. well better job might be difficult but not impossible haha. so therefore just do your best. ^_^

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